Ran off only the highest quality servers (a Raspberry Pi) The Bazaar is a site I’ve been working on for over a year now. I’ve always hated how you had to trade for certain items, especially parts. Posting and posting and posting and not getting anywhere. It’s a huge pain to try to find or sell anything retired, heaven forbid you’re trying with anything rare or valuable. So, I figured I’d do something about it. As I’ve developed the site, it’s grown to help you trade almost everything in Pixel Petz.

How do you create a new listing?

Click the orange + button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Fill out the form, adding as much info as possible. More info makes it more likely for people to be interested.

Do listings expire?

Yes, listings expire and are hidden after 30 days, and are deleted after another 30. However, you can refresh any expired listings to restart the counter and make them public again. That being said, if one of your listings please delete it so as not to confuse people.

Want to change the username of your Pixel Petz Bazaar account?

Currently, the Bazaar does not support changing your username for security reasons. Please delete your account and make a new one. (this will be changed eventually)

Still need help?

Email [email protected] or message Pyroturtle on Discord to get your questions answered.

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