Want to support the Bazaar? There’s a couple of things you can do!

  • Use the Bazaar regularly! List the stuff you’re trying to sell or find stuff you’re trying to buy. The more people use it, the better the site will become.
  • Share with your friends and anyone else on Pixel Petz! The Bazaar can’t grow if no one else knows about it.
  • Have an adblocker? Consider disabling it when browsing the site! It costs real money to run and the few ads I’ve placed on the site don’t earn much. Every little bit helps to keep costs down


Really want to support the Bazaar? Check out my Patreon and get a couple cool benefits. If it’s successful enough, I can remove the ads for everyone!

  • Get cool roles for everyone to see
  • Get your username featured on the Vendors page
  • Bypass any account verification restrictions
  • Feature your listings so more people can see them

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